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Selling your home: do you know your area?

Location, location, location: the most important thing that people are interested in when they’re buying a new home.

But do you know exactly what goes into creating a location where houses sell, compared to one where they don’t?

As a well-established Swindon property business, location is also top of our agenda – and we know what location means for different buyers.

Picture of a family group, parents and children

Family matters …

For families with young children, a good location means being close to good schools and amenities.

For career-minded buyers, the commuting time and distance to London or Bristol may be more important.

And if your potential buyer is retired, location for them may be how close you are to the Cotswolds and countryside.

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Taking the children to play …




As a house seller, you are unlikely to fall into every one of these categories, so even if you have a great knowledge of the local area, you may not have the over-arching understanding of the requirements of each type of buyer. That’s where NFJ Property can help; we know Swindon and the surrounding area inside out, and we recognise the different needs of different buyers, and what for them creates a great location.

Probably around six out of 10 homebuyers we work with are families, and especially if they’re moving into Swindon from another area, they need to know where the best schools are, where the shops are and what other facilities are available for them.

Many people also choose Swindon as their home base to commute to work. Although plenty of people know that London’s easy to access, did you realise that you can be in Bristol within 30 minutes? We can also inform potential buyers about other commuting distances and help them reach a decision about whether your home is in the right location for them.

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Cotswolds countryside …

Because we’re at the gateway to the Costwolds and the glorious countryside, Swindon and the surrounding area is also a fantastic location for people who enjoy getting out and about. Easy access to the great outdoors is often a vital issue for people who enjoy walking, cycling or general outside activities. And if you’re not an outdoorsy person, you may not realise this added appeal that your home may have for a certain type of buyer.

At NFJ Property, we make it our business to know our area, and the needs of the buyers that we work with when we’re selling your home. To find out more how our local knowledge can help you, give us a call or drop us an email.



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