Selling your home: accompanied viewings

Possibly one of the most stressful parts of selling your home is actually showing people around it.

At NFJ Property, we’ve found that most of our clients don’t actually want to show people around their property, which is why we’re happy to take on this aspect of the sales process for you.

Accompanied viewing

Accompanied viewing

Most people aren’t natural salespeople, and when it comes to something as emotive as a home you’ve made yourself, if becomes even more difficult.

From a seller’s point of view, there are numerous reasons why it’s better to ask a property professional to carry out the accompanied viewings on your behalf. Selling houses is what we do, and we have years of experience.

Because we don’t have the same emotional attachment to a property as the owner does, we won’t make excuses for things that might be wrong with it.

We don’t dwell on any negatives, and throughout the viewing, we are working to showcase the positives, and using our expertise to help lead the viewer into making a decision.

House viewers, too, tell us that it’s a much less stressful situation for them to be accompanied by an estate agent than the homeowner.

A lot of this is down to basic politeness. When potential buyers come into a property and are taken around by the homeowner, they do feel a certain amount pressure. They tend not to talk openly or discuss things they would like to change, because they don’t want to upset the homeowner. And that’s absolutely understandable.

no need to worry!

no need to worry!

However, when the homeowner isn’t there, and we take the viewers around the property, they are much more likely to open up, discuss freely how they feel about the house, and provide a much better level of feedback.

They are also able to explore the property more thoroughly, because they don’t have the same awkwardness about looking around or going off upstairs by themselves, for example. Put yourself in your prospective buyers’ shoes: would you rather be shown around by the homeowner, or someone who won’t be upset if, for example, you don’t like the colour of the bathroom suite?

Providing accompanied viewings that get results is one of our specialities at NFJ Property. We recognise both the practical and psychological issues that are important in a viewing, and we’re experts at ensuring both are met – and that we showcase your home to its best advantage.